24 December 2014

Does the Makeup Eraser work?

Makeup Eraser Review

I actually saw the video of this Makeup Eraser on YouTube and it got me wondering like really? Water and that pink little thing can remove all of my makeup in seconds? You're kidding me.

Well, after using it for a week, I grew very fond of this product. I know it's crazy when someone says you can remove all your makeup with just water but you know what, it's really true. I have no idea what's in this Makeup Eraser but it does what it's supposed to do. It removes my makeup whether it be foundation, waterproof eyeliner or even waterproof mascara.

How to use it?
Wash the eraser prior to first use. Just pop it in the washing machine or just wash it softly by hand and with cool water. Tumble dry.

Wet a portion of the Makeup Eraser and use warm water (I use cold water most of the time, sorry if I'm not following instructions) and gently rub off your makeup in a circular motion. Also, there are two sides of the Makeup Eraser. The longer strands I believe is for exfoliation. So I rub it using the short strands side first, then I flip to the long strands. 

When you wet the Makeup Eraser, you'll notice that it doesn't absorb water THAT quickly and there's kind of a "vacuum" feeling when you squeeze the water out. Honestly, I was amazed haha.

So here are most of the products that I used in this selfie:

Makeup Eraser Review

I've tried using a couple of mascaras and eyeliners and yup, it still does the job. Other products I've tested that are not pictured here are: Maybelline the Rocket Mascara, Stila waterproof liquid eyeliner, Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation, Milani Cosmetics blushes, Fashion 21 waterproof liquid eyeliner, ELF Cosmetics waterproof liquid eyeliner, Smashbox eye primers, Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks, various blushes and various concealers etc.

Makeup Eraser ReviewMakeup Eraser Review

Fashion 21 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Wet n Wild Walking on Eggshells, Benefit Cosmetics They're Real mascara

On the first couple of days, I had the "squeaky clean" feeling after using the Makeup Eraser. I use it with cold tap water and then use my daily cleanser after it. But of course, because it does get dirty, expect the "squeaky clean" feel to be gone by the fourth or fifth time you use it. It doesn't mean that it's not effective anymore in removing your makeup. It still does wonders. 

I love that it removes waterproof liquid eyeliner with ease. Probably the hardest product to erase for me would be waterproof mascara or the Benefit Cosmetics They're Real mascara. I just have that feeling that it's still there. Also, my only issue with the Makeup Eraser is staining. I haven't tried washing it again so I'm nervous that the eyeliner and mascara stains won't get washed off.

All in all, great product. It really removes your makeup. Very handy and very TRAVEL FRIENDLY. If you're going on a vacation for a week, this is all you need to remove your makeup. I actually imagined all the wonders this could bring me with my travels lol. 

This Makeup Eraser is as good for 1,000 uses so you're like getting 1 peso per use. You can purchase your original Makeup Eraser from @makeuperaserph on Instagram.

I just washed my Makeup Eraser and it looks brand new again. The mascara stains and the eyeliner stains are all gone. I just soaked the Makeup Eraser in cold water with laundry powder, waited for 20 minutes and then gently rubbed it together and also in circular motions. Good as new.


  1. Nakakaintriga naman yan! Pero nakakaloka ung price"!

    1. mejo nakakaloka. pero kung tamad ka mag tanggal ng makeup sa gabi, pak na pak haha. and super ok pang travel. madali matuyo sa hotel :D

  2. Have you tried using a toner after using the makeup eraser? to check if there's still residue?

    1. yup. almost no residue. super super super onti na lang :)

  3. Nice. Try ko muna kaya to with aquazorb. Ok a.

    1. ang bilis niya matuyo sa hotel. natutuwa ako. haha ok n ok pang travel!