Essence Sun Club Bronzer in Natural

Even though it's the rainy season, you can still look tan with a little help of a bronzer.

I’ve been so pale these days (yes, we olive skin girls also have our pale days) so I’ve been using the Essence Sun Club matt bronzing powder in natural.

At first, I actually thought it was a little orange, but because I already had a contour powder that was kind of close to this shade, I figured it would just be fine. This bronzer kind of smells like food. I’m not saying that you should smell your powder makeup products though, but I’m just used to makeup products without a scent.

Wait, do you have any idea how big this bronzer is? You are getting such a big amount of product at 15g. Like who does that? It’s crazy! Even if you use this everyday for a year, I highly doubt you'll be able to finish this bronzer in 365 days. It’s not really powdery at all. I used a dense angled brush and also a stippling brush and it applies quite good with both. Product is buildable and matte. It definitely lasts the whole day and blends well with blush. It really gives you a natural tan.

One concern of mine would be acne. I used this bronzer on my forehead and the very next day, I had pimples in the area. However, when I used this bronzer on my cheeks, nothing really happened. Am I missing something here? I’ve used it multiple times on my cheeks and I didn't have breakouts at all. But every time I used it on my forehead and chin area, I do notice bumps started to appear after a day. I just don’t know anymore. Maybe I just can't use it in those areas -- which sounds crazy.

Overall, I'm so-so with this bronzer just because of the pimples that showed up. It's a good matte bronzer, and how I wish my skin isn't that sensitive just so we could work this out. 


  1. yay! you're contouring! show off those cheekbones of yours!! I shall live vicariously through you! LOL. #TeamRoundFace . whomp!

    1. you do not have a round face!! i need to practice contouring cheekbones! can i make it seem smaller? :P

  2. How big is the bronzing powder? Thanks for the review! I might give this one a try if ever :)

    1. it's as big as my palm :) i think you can swatch it at Essence counters too ☆