Pixxel Color Cream Review

Okay, so  here's quick review of the hair color that I bought and posted on Instagram. It's actually what I've been using for a year now.
I've always picked up the light brown or dark brown shades and this is my first time to buy and use a hair color that has a shade "light green golden blonde on it." Note that the first thing I did when I woke up was take pictures of my hair so please expect my face to be bare, oily (I haven't even had the chance to wash my face yet) and groggy. And please expect my hair to look disheveled and typical bed-head. Didn't even feel the need to comb it.

It's an okay product. Not the best of hair colors but what do you really expect from a product worth PHP 129 or roughly PHP130? It has its good points and its shortcomings. Sorry if I can't post pictures of the contents mainly because I didn't plan on doing a review on this product but someone had requested it, so I just thought a quick review wouldn't hurt :)

First of all, packaging is okay. It has complete instructions, allergy tests and you can see a before & after pictures so that you can manage your expectations. You can't really expect your hair to become blonde without bleaching it right? So the best thing I like about this product is it sets the expectation versus reality scenario of your hair. haha.

Another good thing about this product is that it isn't screaming look at me, I have colored hair. It isn't that noticeable when indoors but when you go outside or very well-lit areas... hello hair :) I feel like this is a good product for students because it has subtle colors. Your professors won't be too distracted by your hair. It's also like the "cellophane" effect where indoors your hair might seem black but once the sun hits it, it changes color.

No gloves. Need I say more? Gloves is like a need when you color your hair. Other than that, it has the typical annoying chemical smell. It doesn't burn my nostrils nor give me headaches so that's a plus. It doesn't also burn my scalp or make it itch. I've had those burning sensations with other hair colors before done in a salon and oh my, it was hell waiting for the 30 minutes before I can wash it off.

The color lasts a couple months and it's pretty cheap that you can dye it whenever you want. It's also widely available in supermarkets like Shopwise, Robinsons and SM. This is like my 5th box of the product. I definitely would be buying it again. I feel like I'd rate it 3.5/5. Honestly, the glove part is a big issue for me haha.

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