Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Review

I heard heaps of good things from the beauty world about this powder, so that's why I decided to buy it. Unfortunately, it's not available locally, but there are other ways to get it like buying it online.
I got mine for PHP 349 at @beautynbeyond_k.

Five hours natural shine control & helps minimize appearance of pores. 

Shine control:
Yes. My previous powder was the Ever Bilena powder and yes, it’s also great for oil control. However, after a few retouches, I find that it becomes cakey. And that's the main difference that I saw between Rimmel Stay Matte and the Ever Bilena powder. Rimmel Stay Matte doesn’t tend to get cakey on my face no matter how much I re-apply.

Wear time of 5 hours? 
Yes, but on a normal day -- not too hot, not too humid et cetera -- just on a normal day, I'd give it 4 to 5 hours. My oils start to seep through at hour 2 or 3 but with Rimmel Stay Matte, I think I can get by hour 3 without having to blot my nose area with tissue. Actually I can even go the whole day with just using this powder once and then blotting paper or tissues for the rest of the day.

Minimizing pores? 
I use primer most of the time, so I can't really attest to this one. I've used this alone once and I didn’t really see much of a difference when it comes to pores.

Overall, great powder for oil control. I've been using this almost everyday and I still haven't hit pan. Definitely a great buy!


  1. if you can get the bourjois healthy balance powder in your country you should check it out. I have the rimmel stay matte and the bourjois healthy balance powder and I prefer the bourjois healthy balance as after a month I haven't hit pan and with the rimmel stay matte I did. After 2 hours of me putting the rimmel stay matte on my face was getting shiny but with the bourjois healthy balance its 3 or 4 hours later my face will get shiny. The bourjois powder is a little more expensive but defenatly worth the extra cash.

    1. thank you for the suggestion. i know where i can get the bourjois one! i'll deff try it when i hit pan :)

  2. Maj, where can we get bourjois in the Philippines?

    1. try searching #bourjoisph on Instagram :) not really widely available here.