Quick FX No Shine Mattifier Primer Review

Quick FX Primer Review

A very affordable primer that's always out of stock.

Quick FX Primer Review

Quick FX Primer Review

What is it?
This is a silicon-based primer that has salicylic acid, chamomile, tea tree extract, and matte wax. It claims to hide imperfections, pores, fine lines while providing a smooth matte finish. It also claims to help prevent and treat pimples. It retails for about PHP 85 and now I think PHP 89 basically less than $3 if memory serves me correct.

A great primer for the price! I honestly use this more often than Maybelline Baby Skin or even my Smashbox just because it's so affordable that I don’t mind wasting the product when I apply this all over the face. I find that it’s easier to blend than Baby Skin (even though Baby Skin offers the “pore erasing” claims which sometimes works for me) and I believe the salicylic-acid-claim does work on my acne. It doesn’t really prevent breakouts, but it does calm them.

Spreads super easily and makes my skin feel smooth. Does it hide fine lines? No. Hides pores? Not really. Keeps my face matte? Yes, it does help with that, but not in an "oh-my-god-this-product-is-magic” way. It just helps keep oil and shine at bay for an extra hour or so. Consistency is kind of like Smashbox Photo Finish Primer because it’s both silicon-based.

If you have dry skin, I think you’ll enjoy using this primer. I have oily-combination skin and I use it not just before liquid foundation or BB Cream, but also for powders. I sometimes use this before I put on my Ever Bilena powder foundation or Rimmel Stay Matte if I want my skin to breathe and not use any more product.

It's really a must try! No scent, resealable cap, super handy, and travel-friendly. I hope you can score one at your leading stores.


  1. i've heard great things about this too! I'm just not sure where I would find it here. Have you tried/heard of the Rimmel foundation primers? I heard they were good too. I'm so mad at myself. I went to by it the other day along with other stuff and I didn't see that the guy forgot to ring it up. It was left at the counter. lame. LOL

    1. good thing it wasnt punched and then you left it :P i heard mixed things about the Rimmel primer. there's two kinds right? one for oil control and the other for blurring it and let me know if ti's good lol