Marionnaud Face Brush Review

Have you ever tried a face brush?

I stumbled upon this Marionnaud face brush when I was in Watsons and thought I’d give it a try. It retails for only PHP 99.

I tested it out for a month and I actually like it. It’s cheap, does the job of exfoliating, and it's travel-friendly. Bristles aren’t as soft compared to my Shiseido face brush, but it is a good starter brush before you go into the electric facial brush such as Clarisonic and Olay. Don’t put too much pressure while using this brush because honestly, it does hurt and you might scratch your face. One thing I also noticed is that it’s too big for the nose area whereas my Shiseido face brush just fits perfectly. 

It's an okay buy. It aids in removing heavy makeup and exfoliation... but... it's just not that soft. Please don't use this on an everyday basis.