Revlon Laquer Balm in Demure

Shining shimmering package caught my eye.

Application is smooth although you can feel like tiny granules or I’m not sure if it’s glitter pieces, but I can feel the shimmer particles when I’m applying the balm. It also leaves a mint feel after a few seconds on your lips. VERY VERY moisturizing. Color is very sheer but buildable and I find that the color fades very quickly.

I don't find anything really special about the Revlon balm stains. I've tried the regular ones, the matte ones and these lacquer balms. I don’t think it’s worth PHP 525. Please do buy it online or sales or online sellers if you’re in the Philippines to get it cheaper.

First edition balm stains = best product out of the three. Wear time is the longest.
Matte balms = pigmented but leaves the lips looking dry and chappy.
Lacquer balms = looks very natural. Fades easily but still moisturizing.

Worth the hype? For me, not really. And if I were to choose between the three, I’d pick the first Revlon balm stains and I would just skip the matte and lacquer ones if you’re into wear time like me. Gorgeous packaging but I wouldn't repurchase another one of these.