Nichido Blush in Tomato Review

Nichido Tomato Blush

I was on the hunt for matte blushes when I saw this Nichido Blush. My friend uses the same one and so, I opted to try it too. Retails for about PHP 88 which is super affordable and it’s even cheaper than my Careline blushes which I love and use almost everyday.

Nichido Tomato Blush

Too powdery for my liking. I kid you not, I applied this blush on my cheeks and after 2 hours, I just accidentally touched my face and the color transferred immediately. I was pretty surprised since that hasn’t ever really happened to me before. Is it because I have oily skin? Is it because of the powder that I used prior the blush? I’m not really sure. Sigh.

Sayang! This blush is very pretty but it's just too powdery. Too much fall out no matter what kind of makeup brush I use. Oil control isn't really amazing either. It’s matte though, so you don’t have to worry about touching up after two hours.

Will I repurchase?
Not until they re-formulate.

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  1. I agree with these being powdery! I've had these in Fresh Tomato and Sunkissed back in college and I loved how cheap they were. But when I found better performing blushes, I tossed these. Oh, and thanks for introducing me to Careline! :) ❤️