Belle de Jour Box May 2014

Hello beauties! This post is way over due and I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the contents of this BDJ Box from elsewhere. But this is my first BDJ box, so this deserves a post!

This is what you'll first see when you open the box:

It tells you the content of the box and how much the products are worth.

A full sized Too Cool for School sleeping pack. I basically had to Google this product up just because it doesn’t have an English translation. I mean aside from ingredients, it doesn’t show instructions or what this is for. Aside from the words sleeping  pack, I hardly had an idea what this was other than a mask.

Two Revlon nail polishes.

Godiva lotion and deodorant.

Seriously, I thought there was a mini deodorant here or something. But turns out everything is in sachet form.

Shampoos and conditioners from every line showed in the box.

Dermal masks.

A couple of coupons.


These are the products that I'm sure I'll be using:

My thoughts:
First of all, when you sign up for a BDJ Box account, you have to complete a survey that should cater to what they're supposed to send to you. I personally feel that this box wasn't customized to what I put in. I mean I practically said I don’t give a hell for hair care products and they sent me a bunch in this box. I mean the most exciting thing for me were the nail polishes.

I basically had a bang for my buck with what I paid for (PHP 580) and how much the contents of the box cost. But I mean I just wasn’t happy. You could give me like top line high end contents in this box, but if I feel like I’m not gonna use it, then they're just gonna linger in my dresser unused. As of now, I gave away the contents of the box except for the things in the picture that I said I’ll be using.

Should you try a BDJ Box? I personally think you should. You may have a different experience when you get your box and you're definitely getting more than what you paid for. But if you're the type of person that’s kinda picky, then I’m suggesting just go buy the products that you want. I assure you, you’ll be happier having the products that you want and know will be using, rather than having a bunch of items you won't use.

I just feel this box wasn't customized for me :(