#10DaysOfBeauty Tag and my Makeup Collection

A few people have already asked for a makeup collection and I decided to make it post by post named #10Dayosbeauty where I posted my makeup collection. So here they are in case you wanted a bigger picture :)

I don't know if you expected too much of my vanity area? I’m pretty sure that some people expected it to be all white like what you see in other pictures but there’s no IKEA here. If there was, I’m pretty sure I've been on the trend haha. I’m a pretty normal person I guess (except I feel like I have more makeup than most people) and my blush collection grew from nothing to 11 blushes in less than four months?

Anyway I’m really glad that other beauties did the tag too. I was really happy/curious to see what others were using and if it was normal to have so many makeup and it turns out IT IS NORMAL and my collection is like nothing compared to others. Haha. Thank you beauties for doing the tag :)