Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof

This is just going to be a quick review of this waterproof liquid eyeliner. 

I was using the Nichido liquid eyeliner which only costs PHP 68.00 and that works wonders. I mean it stays all day and it doesn't smudge. Talk about hidden gems eh? But I figured I needed a waterproof eyeliner for special occasions like weddings and other events because I figured I would be crying on those days and I felt the need for waterproof makeup :) As I searched and searched numerous blogs, I stumbled upon this product and figured it's worth trying after I did some research. 

Packaging is simple. The black part of the tube is matte which is pretty awesome honestly. I think it’s a cool twist so that it would be easier to hold. Manufacturing details and expiration is on the silver handle part but the text faded a little bit so I guess I won’t be showing that anymore. 

My thoughts:
So, let me tell you what I did today this mother’s day: CHORES. I put it on my hand early morning and I washed the dishes (breakfast, lunch and dinner) I did laundry. I watered our garden and then took a bath. And by dinner time the swatches are still here in my hand. And now it’s about 10:51 PM as I'm writing this and it’s about 14 hours since I had this on my hand. YES. IT IS WATERPROOF. SUPER WATERPROOF. My Etude House eyeliner remover can't even beat this one out. See my other post here.

It is so freaking waterproof and smudge proof that I can't believe it’s possible. I feel like the swatches in my hand are tattoos. By now, I've wore it about 14 hours and the swatches still look pretty legit. It did fade a little and that's totally okay because it’s 14 hours wear time. DUH. Not complaining here.

It’s very pigmented and it dries faster than the Nichido eyeliner I had. The brush is also thin and great for cat eyes or winged eyeliner. One thing I don’t love is the wand. I feel like it’s too long. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes I have a problem lining my eyes using the wand because it’s just too long. I wish they made the wand smaller and everything is perfect and this would be my holy grail waterproof eyeliner. 

Overall, still a great product for PHP 120.00 or PHP 150.00. I forgot exactly how much it is but I’m pretty sure it’s either of the two. I’m guessing it’s 120. Pigmented, waterproof and smudge proof. Really a great product to try out if you’re looking for a waterproof eyeliner.