Careline Oil Control Blushes

One of my first loves.

Hello universe! Sorry I've been lacking on reviews. I only blog on my spare time and spare time = me and my boyfriend not meeting on Sundays (We only see each other Saturday or Sunday or basically 6-8 times a month) or spare time = not a work day or days where I’m inspired and my hands aren’t too tired to write. Maybe I should do a video for those days? Seriously, this keyboard is killing me.


Today I’m reviewing my favorite blushes which are the Careline Oil Control Blushes. My favorite shade is Fresh Tomato and Peach Glow. I don't know why it took me so long to review these, well I was supposed to get more shades but whenever I try to look for the two shades I’m after, I never see them. And I think they changed names or maybe they added shades? I’m not sure. I think I saw a shade like Pink Blossom or something.

Let’s take a closer look at the shades I have:

I actually like that it comes in this white packaging. It makes the shades more noticeable rather than blushes that come in black circles in the stores (which almost all the brands do). It doesn’t come in a box, I don’t have the actual packaging but I’m sure you’ve all seen it. I think it’s pretty good too in comparison to other blushes that just come in that black circle with no box or seal. It also has a powder puff that I tried to use once because I was in a hurry and desperately needed to put blush on my cheeks which turned out horribly. So yeah, won’t be using that powder puff again. I’m not saying that it was horrible using that, it was okay. It’s just I prefer brushes and I didn’t have full control of that puff so my cheeks almost went clownish.

The blushes are compact in that plastic case which is pretty good for travelling. I mean it hasn’t smashed in my makeup kit in my bag that I toss on seats and tables and bring everywhere I go. That's a pretty sturdy case for me for the price of PHP 90.00 ($2)

Charming Pink:

This is the first blush that I got from this line. I Googled this up and this was the shade that people mostly had so I decided to try it. After I got the other shades from this line I realized that Charming Pink was the shade that didn’t suit me that much. I figured it would be better for people with lighter skin tones or people who really prefer that pinkish cheeks look (which I don’t like. I prefer red cheeks) and that this shade was the most powdery of the four. After I did some swatches too, I realized that this shade really did transfer to my skin quite powdery and it has the most fall out compared to the other colors.

Fresh Tomato:

Fresh Tomato is my favorite shade. I know it looks intimidating but that’s because it’s so pigmented you don’t really need that much. I once thought why would people want to put red blush on their cheeks and then it hit me that red blush looks great on yellow oriental shade skin or medium skin tones or even darker. Quite hard to get a hold of it at first but when you do, it’s going to work wonders. This shade really lasts me the whole day like 8 hours and IN THIS WEATHER. Yes it withstands summer heat in the Philippines. If I ever hit pan on this shade, I swear to buy another one. 

Peach Glow:

My second favorite shade is this blush in Peach Glow. This shade is perfect for everyday wear just so you can have a little glow or for the days when you don’t really want people to notice that you're wearing blush. I love that it’s so natural and it just makes me look healthy when I’m wearing too much matte products. It doesn’t make me look flat on the face. It’s perfect for a natural look when you're at school or in the office. Wear time: it can last 5-6 hours on my skin. Sometimes I put this first before I put on the shade Fresh Tomato just for extra color. 

Rosy Cheek:

Rosy Cheek is the newest shade that I have. At first I was hesitant to buy this because it looked like it had little shimmers in it but I’m glad that it turned out matte. This is the shade I go to if I don’t wanna use Fresh Tomato. It’s a mauvey-pink? I’m not good at describing colors that's why I just swatch them but it’s not a light pink which I prefer. People with darker skin tones could definitely rock this if they don’t want red. It looks quite natural on my skin after I wore it for about 7 hours? Yes. It lasts that long in my skin. Believe it. Not much fall out too and not powdery compared to Charming Pink.

I love this product. It works great for my oily skin. Wear time is incredible for the price. Yeah, have you seen my first impression post on the Milani blush? These Careline blushes does a better job at staying in my oily skin. For the price of PHP 90 ($2) I’m not even sure any other product can beat that. It’s matte. It’s super pigmented and it doesn’t break my skin out. Charming Pink was the only blush I felt powdery. I mean there’s little to no-fall out when I use my Real Techniques multi-task brush with these. These products definitely have the seal of approval and recommendation from me. I’m actually happy when people email me saying they gave this product a shot and that they loved it. So yes, I will be repurchasing these if I hit pan.

Have a great day ahead!


  1. The shades are pretty but they look so chalky :(

    1. I may have not done a good job blending haha. I only found one shade chalky. But the darker shades are definitely smoother :)

  2. I really like your photography, Ms. Maj! :)
    Btw those careline blushes are a really good entry level for makeup. <3

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yup. I never wore blushes until a year ago haha. Clinique was my first blush ever and Careline was the second one. And now I'm getting more blushes. This is addicting lol

  3. I love love love the first picture!! How do you get pictures so awesome and true to color?
    I really wish I bought Careline products while in the Philippines. I'm still kicking myself for that. I must say, I totally laughed at "Fresh Tomato." That is such an interesting choice to title a blush. "Yes, I want my cheeks to be fresh tomato red." HAHA. :D

    1. I just use Instagram cam coz it's HD and natural light! Very important to be natural light haha.

      Never ever thought I'd wear red blushes coz it seems clownish when you say it but I might try and find more :P

  4. I like fresh tomato. Nga pala, if you're going to check out the shawill matte blushes, note that they're not true to color.

    1. how? swatches differently from the pan or oxidizes orange or a darker color?

  5. Careline blushes are compact and the swatches are good :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. best local blush i've tried when it comes to oil control :)

  6. Hi! Your post is what I need to convince my pals to try Careline :) I am currently using the Careline make up set which I read a review on and I can really say that it's good for my skin :D I enjoyed reading your blog :)