Sales Assistants Hoarding Products?

Hello beautiful people! If you want to know some gossip please read on lol. Just kidding. I've never been the type of person who likes gossip but I’ll share with you something I've experienced last, last week when I went shopping at SM Makati. I met up with Abbie a.k.a @beautyenthusiast10 on IG and I just wanted to say hi!

Anyway, there was a 50% off on Nivea products right? And so being the hoarder that I am, I decided to pick up the basket and say okay, now’s a good time to try a lot of their products since it’s 50% off. So I did, I picked up some Nivea products not even knowing what this was for or that was for, damn, they had so many products for anything and everything under the sun that I don't even know they existed.

And so here’s the juicy part. Le boyfriend was looking for toners (I am not a fan of toners though) and he came across a mattifying toner from Nivea that the SA’s from Etude House were hoarding. I asked the SA from Etude House if they had any toners for men and the SA said no but then she offered to give us the Nivea bottle she was holding (actually there was a basket they were keeping under the counter about 5 bottles and a few more Nivea products to be exact) she just offered to give us the bottle.

She was about to give us two bottles but then the other SA, made an *Ahem* gesture and so the lady just offered to give us one bottle. And I was like okay, thanks, I thought she was so nice because she offered to give us the bottle even though it’s for herself blah, blah, blah. We walked away from the Etude House counter and then my boyfriend told me that what they were doing wasn’t allowed especially if they're still on duty. They were hoarding like 10 products in the basket full of Nivea products while the other consumers were busy scuffing around looking for those products.

It never hit me that what they were doing wasn’t allowed. I mean I’m not sure, but my boyfriend made a pretty good point when he said that they shouldn’t be putting products in baskets for their selves especially when they're on duty. So for the people who wanted to get Nivea products that “sold out quick” I’m pretty sure that these two SA’s aren’t the only ones who did this routine. I guess this goes the same for every sale right? SA’s gets first dibs on products that they like. TSK. I’ll be more observant on these types of things next time. I promise.

Okay. Now for some good news, Fashion 21 Cosmetics has great customer service!

It’s my first time purchasing lipsticks from this brand and I am very happy with my experience. I've never tried their lippies before nor swatched them in stores so this was a first. Of course I researched shades that I wanted to try and get and I've come across four shades that I think might be good for me. They were having a buy two lippies and get a free lip liner sale and I was like okay I’m getting two anyway so might as well get the freebie.

The lady at the counter was very helpful and catered to my needs (nope, I’m not a needy person) and she was very nice. I don’t like “pushy” SA’s and those that like force you to buy products from them. I like SA’s that are quiet but when you ask them something they respond and give suggestions. Anyway I've decided to get the shades Arctic Stone and Dream Girl because I was looking for nude and MLBB shades. The other shades I wanted to try were out of stock so I just went with these two. She gave me the freebie which was a lip liner and I headed on to the counter to pay for them.

When I got home I wanted to swatch the products out but sadly I didn’t find the freebie. I checked the receipt and it wasn’t punched too. So I was kinda saddened because the product wasn’t there. I messaged Fashion 21 Cosmetics’ Facebook account and asked if I could just get the freebie at another branch and if they could just mark my receipt. I wasn’t expecting a reply since most companies who have Facebook accounts don’t really check their messages.

Monday came and I was surprised to see a reply from them. They said that I couldn’t claim the freebie from another branch and they asked what happened etc. I didn’t reply because I got over the fact that I lost a freebie haha. But then the next day they sent me another message saying that the incident had been reported and that one of their customers didn’t get a freebie. They asked me what shades I got and of course I told them and the next day they told me that I could get my freebie from the same branch whenever I decide to come by. This was last, last Saturday mind you.

Anyway 3 days ago, I went to SM Makati again and went to the counter of Fashion 21. I didn’t even bring my receipt because I was in a hurry and of course I already accepted again that I might not get the freebie because I didn’t have my receipt with me. I talked to the lady at the counter and she asked me if I was Maj Valencia. I said yes and I was surprised that she knows me. 

She said the incident was kinda of a big deal and that they’ve been “reprimanded” and I was actually feeling sorry for her. I mean it wasn’t her fault because she did give me the freebie, maybe it’s just the cashier’s fault for not punching it in the receipt and put it in my shopping bag? Anyway they said that their boss texted her that I would come that day and that this would be handled.

It really took me by surprise that they were “reprimanded” BIG WORD!!! Right? I hope she didn’t get into too much trouble. She didn’t ask for my receipt and she just gave me the freebie. I apologized to her and said I don't know what happened and she apologized to me too and asked me if I wanted to get promotions from them so of course I did and I signed a piece of paper and gave my name and number.

Long story short, I got my freebie when I came back after a week and their customer service was awesome. I love their brand now! Haha. I mean those little efforts that they did, just wow. I probably won’t have the same experience from other local beauty brands because their Facebook isn't active or they don’t really reply to their customers even on Twitter. So yeah, I’m really very happy with them. 

I tried out the lipsticks that I bought and I am loving them so far. Will do a review on them soon!


  1. Shocks, I have a theory here. SA's from both Etude and Fashion 21 are consignors (i.e. not watsons employees), they should've been briefed for this. Because they are indeed not allowed to shop while on shift. In SM Department Stores, the SAs are not even allowed to shop in the store they work at. They are required to go to another branch to shop.

  2. The toner.. Something's fishy. I guess it's a great toner!! Now, I'm curious about that! Lol. I like the term "pushy" SA's. that's one of the reasons i dont buy makeups at the mall, because sometimes it's embarassing to reject what they offer plus, I dont wanna overspend. Hahaha.

    1. haha same tayo ng n isip about sa toner. "it must be good" lol

  3. Woah. Fashion 21 proved their customer service is legit! *slow clap*

    1. amazing what facebook can do 👏

  4. Wow I'm surprised at that level of customer service! So happy to hear that a local brand has great after-sales service and on facebook pa ;) Curious about that Nivea toner... haha :)

    1. wish more local brands are active/respond on facebook :)