Etude House Line Remover Stick

If you're into eyeliners, then, you definitely need this product.

I once said that I could pretty much live with just eyeliner and red lipstick, but I don’t think that I’ll leave this one out.

What it does?

Erases your eyeliner whether it be pencil, liquid or gel liner without the hassle of the makeup remover staining your whole eye area making you look like you’ve been punched. Oh, wait, am I the only one experiencing that? Lol.

How it works?

Let me put it to the test by using a waterproof liquid eyeliner, a regular liquid eyeliner, and a gel liner. Basically, you apply it over your eyeliner mess, wait a few minutes, and then remove using tissue or cotton.

Et voila, it works! Packaging is pen-type which you have to twist, kind of like a lipstick really. It's affordable at only PHP 148.00 and it's available locally.

When it comes to how effective it is, I think waterproof liquid eyeliners are kind of an exception. It removes regular eyeliners and eyeshadows pronto. But when it comes to waterproof liners, it struggles a little bit. I suggest you leave your waterproof products to oil-based removers.

Is it a must have?
If you use liquid eyeliner everyday, then it's a definite yes! Buy it before they run out of stock.