ELF Beauty on the Go Spotted and Sporty

This is my most unused palette.
There's actually nothing wrong with it just so you know and it's really lovely. It's about $3 (Php 249.75) It includes 10 eyeshadows, 4 matte and 6 shimmers, 2 lip colors and a blush. I only found one shade chalky and it's the left one near the violet shadow. The color is still pretty though. My favorite shades here are the yellows and the greens. They're pigmented and creates unexpected colors because the shadows has spots of color on them. Lip colors are pretty buildable too. Not matte nor a shimmery finish. Just more of a stain/gloss. Pretty shimmery blush. Quite powdery but just tap it off. The pan is quite large so I doubt you'll be hitting pan on it soon. 

I have no idea why I don't give this palette much love. It's just that whenever I reach for shadows I just get the ELF 100 pc set coz I can see everything there. Still a great buy even though I barely used it ♥