Dating a PBA player!

Let me first just say a long Hiiiiii!!!!

Okay, I know I was kinda MIA here in my blog and on Instagram too but my family was going through some personal matters. Okay, let me give it to you straight, two consecutive deaths. But anyhow, we’ve grieved and we’ve accepted the matters.

OKAY, so while all that death-stuff was happening, I mean seriously, while we were in the wake my sisters and I joined an Instagram and Twitter contest held by Resorts World about dating a PBA player. So basically that's our version of NBA (If you’re not familiar with it) and like duh, you get to date a freaking professional basketball player. I mean what's to lose? I'm not even really a fan but there is one PBA player that I would want to date and he's from the same college I went to. I just thought I'd give it a shot :)

I’m losing my train of thought here. Anyway we won, we got invited to go Resorts World for the program where out of like 300 people they’ll choose 10 girls who would spend the night with the PBA players. Well, the guy I wanted to date wasn’t there so it was like meh, I’m not even gonna make an effort to make myself pretty because I know he wasn’t there and I'm not gonna win anyway. 

AND that my friends was the wrong thing I did. I assumed I wasn't going to be picked and that I didn't even put any effort to what I would look like. 
  • I didn’t use foundation that was photo-ready. I used Maybelline liquid dream mousse and I freaking regretted it. Hello white cast in pictures.
  • I didn’t put effort into choosing what I would wear (the other girls looked like they went to the salon! Seriously! High heeled, curls in hair and prom makeup!) and I was in a white t-shirt, blue maxi skirt and flats!
  • I let my hair dry in the car. Hello frizzy hair.
  • I didn’t even get a chance to touch up so my face was all oily at the end of the night. (Head down and ashamed.)
  • I wish I put red lipstick on. I looked so washed out!
  • I wish I wore my reddish blush instead of peach because I just realized that sheer peach blushes don’t go great with flash photography.
  • I wish I wore heels! These guys were so tall. UGH!
Now let me show you the pictures because I know you wouldn’t be reading my ramblings but just excited for the pictures. So here they are:

CAN YOU JUST SEE HOW DRESSED UP THEY ARE? And there I was, wearing t-shirt and flats HAHA!

So after we were chosen, we were taken to the back stage and then we took a van to Maxim's hotel for our dinner at the terrace.

One on one date OMG. All the time I was on the stage up to this point I was freaking out and telling myself don't vomit or faint. Please!

This is a pic I uploaded on my personal Instagram.

Hello white cast :(
My date was Mr. Dondon Hontiveros. Good thing he was super duper nice! It was so awkward though. I wasn't a fan and he knows that the only reason I joined was coz I wanted to date another player HAHA. He was super nice and cool though. Thank God I survived!

Mr. Enrico Villanueva. This guy is one of the most loud people I know and in a good way too! He's super friendly and fun to be with. I swear :)

Mr. Nico Salva. Ah, this guy I know from my college years coz he played for a rival school of ours. He's super handsome but I guess he just isn't as approachable as the others. A little snobbish? Hmm, yes, a little bit.

Mr. Rey Arana. This guy is teammates with the person I wanted to date! My sister has a crush on him and I'm kinda sad they lost the championship. I look super fan mode in this picture. Sorry about that haha.

Mr. Joseph Marata. Ah, my newest crush. He plays for the company that my boyfriend's working for, Petron. But I believe they changed their name to San Miguel Beer. He's not even my date but we had so many pictures when I checked my phone haha. UGH. WE LOOK PERFECT TOGETHER RIGHT? LOL! (Just kidding boyfie. I know you're not reading this haha)

Before going home I realized I didn't have a solo picture so here it is :)

So that ends my looooooong blog. If you want to know what we talked about while having dinner, I wish I could tell you but I actually don't remember much. It was more like a whirlwind experience of awkwardness, happiness and trying to be cool and not freak out haha. And I never win any contests like these even when I was in school, I kinda suck at winning at raffles and I'm so glad that at age 23, I finally won a raffle! haha.

Sorry for the long blog not related to beauty but I just wanted to post something because  I know that I was MIA and this is the event that I've been thinking of until this week. Thank you so much for reading! :)


  1. My condolences to you and your family.

    On another note, I never win any contests, so congrats! It was a good opportunity to meet new people. :)

    1. Thank you.

      I know what you mean!! haha. It took me 23 years before i won a contest! Now i know how it feels! i envy the people who always win! i feel like there are persons na lagi talagang nananalo kahit walang effort! :P Don't worry. Your time will come too <3

  2. This is very entertaining to read :P

    And you look effortlessly pretty. Literally.

    If wore flats tapos nakipagdate ako sa PBA player, hanggang ribs lnag ako nung guy for sure :P

  3. You looked really pretty! :D Oh, and I'm a fan of Evian spray -- I bring along a mini version to hydrate my skin during the afternoon, and it also helps in setting my makeup. :)

    1. aww. thank you :) I used to wonder what that evian spray is for, but now i'm just beginning to see the wonders of it coz i'm wearing a lot more powder products. setting makeup it is :)