Pink Makeup Brushes From Tmart

I was on a grand search for pink makeup brushes about a month ago and I was speculating whether I should get the BH Cosmetics pink brushes just to satisfy my “needs” or should I look for another brand?

I've tried looking for pink makeup brushes here in the country, but I just didn’t like the ones that I saw because I felt that they were copying Real Techniques. I do have a lot of RT brushes and I’m not happy about mixing imitation-RT with my real RT brushes. Sorry, not OCD, I just feel like my RT brushes deserves some respect.

After weeks of searching vigorously, yes you read that right, vigorously. I was like on a mission and I cannot sleep just thinking how to get a hold of pink makeup brushes. Seriously, I think every girl’s got to have at least one set in her lifetime. I found a blog post that features these pink brushes and it had a positive review. I was searching and searching for about a week before I decided to buy these.

I was really hesitant to buy from their website because of some negative reviews, but after asking other bloggers about their products from this site, I decided to put my faith in their words and just get it.

So, a little tip here.., when you’re going to be buying new things, DO SEARCH FOR REVIEWS. Make it at least 5-10 reviews. It really does help you especially when you're going to be giving out your credit card numbers.

22pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Brush Set with Bag Pink

  • The makeup brush set is easy to carry and use
  • With superior-quality, the makeup brushes in the set will not irritate your skin
  • Durable case bag can well protect your makeup brushes
  • It is an important beauty essential for you
  • Handle made of plastic and aluminum
  • It is suitable for each wise customer
  • This cosmetic brush is individually handmade

How was it? 
They're "okay" Okay brushes for the price. I personally think it's better than ELF’s Essential line, but not as soft as Real Techniques. I can compare the quality of these brushes to Etude House brushes but you don’t have to buy them separately like EH.

Product pickup depends on the quality of the powder/blush/shadows you have. If you have blushes or shadows that have a lot of fall out, expect even more fall out. But when you have creamier powders and shadows, it does a good job. The brushes are synthetic, easy to wash, and it comes back to its original shape after drying. Length of the handles are a good size and they are sturdy with their super cute design.

What to expect?
Expect shedding when you first get them and after washing. Expect a plastic smell when you open these up, but the scent goes away after the first wash. Expect your items to be delivered to you 3 to 4 weeks. Seriously, it takes a long time for the free shipping, and that's probably why they offer priority mail. Either it will be delivered to your door step or someone from the post office will inform you, give you a claim card and ask you to go to the post office with ID, the claim card and PHP 50 or less than $2. They do issue receipts so you know it’s legit.

Where to get it?
I got it from I paid via PayPal because I felt it was more secure. And even if the products don’t come within 45 days, I can still get my money back. I believe they do offer refund services or they’ll send you a new one if you inform them that your product still hasn’t come within that time period. They offer free international shipping and they have warehouses in the US and Hongkong, so they can deliver it anywhere you are.


  1. The unknown brush is a smudge brush. I think. Hahaha.

    1. Yes, I think it's supposed to be a smudge brush but I don't really know how to use it haha!

  2. I also ordered in Tmart last time and was afraid that it was dubious. Luckily it came. ;) nice pink brushes, how's the smell of the brushes? Some brushes kasi smells Like thinner.

    1. What did you order po? Nope, doesn't smell like that (Whew. Buti na lang) dapat pala sa inyo ako nagtanong dati haha. had a lot of questions but didn't know too many people that ordered from this website <3

  3. Love the face brushes, especially the small flat top. I am actually in a search for a nice undereye setting brush, but I think I'll get the RT one instead. :)

    1. Yes, definitely get the RT one! Really, really love the quality. The setting brush is like the brush of the month. idk why i'm using it so much this March :D

  4. omg this reminds me so much of naked 3 palettes rosegold casing which is REALLY like! these are so cute :3 really glad i found this post :)

    1. Thank you! Naked 3 = love! Still haven't decide whether i should get naked 2 or naked 3. i can't pick one haha.

  5. I recently ordered from their site too for my birthday haul. I was quite doubtful at first so I settled for a set of 5 boxes of Fake Lashes which are less than Php 300.00. haha

    Luckily, it came just in time before my birthday! I've been eyeing on these pink set of brushes too! Maybe i'll get one soon! So excited to buy again.. hahaha :))

    Nice review btw!

    1. I'm excited to buy again too! Can you give me the link of the lashes you bought? the most natural looking ones please :) i haven't tried putting lashes on myself ever and thought i could practice with those :)