Sansan Eyeshadow in Deep Earth Brown Review and Swatch

I initially bought this for my eyebrows and it looks like I won't be using it at all.
It just didn't match my brows and it looked quite dry when applied. It just wasn't the look I was opting for. So, instead, I used it to contour my eyes and nose area and yup, there you have it, worked like a charm.

This is a good matte brown crease shade for natural eye looks. Pigmented and affordable for only PHP 50 (bought it on sale for only PHP). Packaging isn't the greatest, so it's better to depot them and put them in your travel kit. It's a little powdery for me, but it's workable. 


  1. Have you checked if these can be depotted? Like, if there's a hole in the back you can poke? :P

    1. no hole in the back. kelangan mo sirain??? i've seen so many people depot these though.