Sansan HD Foundation Review

After I purchased the HD concealer, I decided to buy Sansan’s HD foundation too.
I was so impressed with their concealer that I marked it immediately as one of my holy grail products, products that I’m sure to buy over and over again for many years to come. Now let’s get on to the foundation. Never tried their foundation or BB cream before but I’m definitely excited. Let's see if this holds up the hype.

ELF Tinted Moisturizer mixed with Sansan HD Foundation to create a better shade match.

Great packaging. Box, glass, pump, it's very impressive for PHP 195. Manufacturing, expiration dates and ingredients are written both on the bottle and box. SPF 30. Vitamins A, C & E. Medium coverage and can be full coverage. Evens out skin tone. Yellow undertone. Three shades available. Good oil control because only my t-zone needs touching up after about 4 hours. My skin didn’t break out too. Ideal for taking pictures especially when you put your cam on Beauty Mode. It has a dewy finish that needs to be set. Don't put too much on because it might cake up.

Sometimes, the pump doesn’t work or it can be very hard to get the product out. The foundation can also settle in fine lines or even in your eyelids. Also note that just because it's HD doesn't mean that there's no white cast. It just minimizes the white cast but it doesn't really eliminate it. It's still great for taking photos with flash compared to other foundations I've tried and made me look like a ghost :P

What I don't like? The smell!!! I had a massive headache when I first put this on. It smells like vanilla? Not sure. But all I know is the smell definitely needs some getting used to. Very strong scent. Not like their HD concealer (which I love everything about). The headache was traumatic that two mefenamic acids could not take care of. But I guess I'm just that kind of person who doesn't like vanilla scents. Would prefer it if it smelled like the HD concealer.

Overall good HD foundation for persons on a budget. Minimal white cast. Good oil control and ideal for "Beauty Mode" selfies.


  1. Never heard of it but it looks nice on you!! ^^

    1. Haha. It's one of those brands you're just hesitant to buy. But I'm glad i tried it. Perfect for selife pictures lol. Thank you <3

  2. Okay, sold! I'm going to give this a shot. What do I have to lose, hehe :)

  3. Ask ko lang po kung pwede siya pang everyday use, i mean gawing lightweight like only putting minimal amount of product sa face? :) and i think with ur skin type hindi siya nag cake up because wala kang pores!