Sansan HD Concealer Review

Sansan HD Concealer: Is it worth the hype?

Ever since Sansan released a new HD line, there was a fuzz in social media especially in the beauty/makeup blogging world about their products. I never tried products from HBC before, although I did consider getting their BB cream once since I heard so many good reviews about it. But unfortunately, their stores just weren't accessible to me.

But this time around, I made sure that I’m going to try their new HD line. So bear in mind, I've never tried their products before, I never bought any products from them before, and I surely didn’t know what to expect from HBC.

L: Without concealer. The eyelids look a bit yellowish and dark on the outside corners. 
R: With Concealer. The concealer definitely evened out my eye area.

L: Without concealer: Blemishes on the forehead.
R: With concealer: I used the shade Olive for this one.

The concealer comes in a twist-up-pen and you can control how much of the product you want. It's has yellow undertones which is perfect for Asian-skin and it's super affordable at only PHP 120. It has SPF 15 and vitamins A, C & E. This concealer has really great coverage and it brightened and evened out my eye area while the shade olive definitely covered my blemishes. And because it's so, so slim, it's also great for travelling.

I'm neutral that it hasn't directions on how to use it. This was my first twist-up-pen concealer and I definitely didn't know how many twists I should do before the product comes out. The brush on the tip of the concealer tends to get stained and dirty, so I wish there was a way to clean it.

All in all, really great product. I even consider it as one of the greatest concealers I've ever tried, and something I would repurchase. I like the smell of it and I love the coverage it has. Good job HBC. You just gained a fan!