Unboxing Zalora Philippines

I just had to blog about my first ever Zalora experience since it was unexpectedly awesome.

A few weeks ago, I was sick with a fever and bored as hell in bed. I thought okay, let me shop online. and try Zalora. I signed up, checked out their selections, and being the avid makeup junkie that I am, of course I bought makeup.

I've bought makeup from other online stores before, and it really bothered me how their payment methods were lacking. I usually pay with debit card and Paypal and most online stores don’t even offer that. They require you to go to banks to deposit cash. And hey, do you know how much time it takes to go to a bank and wait in line for your turn? A LOT.

For me, no matter how good other online stores/deals/sales and selections were, I would always stick to whatever’s comfortable for me... and that's definitely paying online via card or Paypal.

The Process

I ordered January 13, put in the coupon code that I got when I signed up, and whatdoyouknow, I actually lost the coupon code because my computer hanged. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to use the code anymore and I had to start over again. I was able to use a coupon wort PHP250.  I paid via Paypal, got the invoice, and that same night, someone texted me that they already shipped my order.

I received a package the following day and I was actually surprised that it was my Zalora purchase. I live in Laguna, and believe me, that's considerably fast. It's literally next day delivery. 

This is amazing guys! I love how easy it was to shop and pay online at Zalora. I love how they informed me real time about my package's status and that they're able to provide next day delivery even if you're not within the metro. And as you can see on the pictures above, it's the definition of "handle with care" just because of all those bubble wraps. Lol. Kidding aside, they offer free shipping too if you reach PHP 1,000. I haven't tried ordering with clothes or shoes, but I read that they offer 30 day returns. 

Will I purchase from them again?

I loved my experience, so it's a big yes!