Sophie Paris Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Last summer I purchased just one lipstick (Mango Peach) and decided to try it. I got such a bang for my buck so I decided to purchase two more (Summer Pink and Red Wine) and now I got five more shades because I just love it and decided I'm going to collect them all.

I'm going to show you swatches of the shades I have in different lighting and also I'm not going to show you the shades in my lips since I know that color adapts differently to  each person. I didn't get all the pink shades because I feel I have so many pink lipsticks so I opted for the nudes & reds. 

And now for the swatches! Shades are as follows:
Mango Peach, Summer Pink, Red Wine, Russian Red, Red Pepper, Fantastic Red, Caramel Sugar and Velvet Nude

It's such a great lipstick. It retails for about PHP 85 each. Very practical and wide range of colors. Packaging is very good and has a close feel. Expiration dates and shades are shown in the sticker under the tube so you can be reminded when to chuck it in the trash :) Very pigmented and it dries semi-matte. You can definitely eat and drink without having to reapply it in your lips. Lasting power is about 4 hours while eating a full meal. The darker colors also leave a stain on your lips.

One thing to consider though is some people may not have access to these products even though I personally see stalls in commercial places and sometimes even malls. You may need a lip balm before putting this on if you're like me who's definitely a cactus and can survive with two glasses of water a day haha. Note that the design on tube rubs off and one lipstick I purchased popped through when I opened it and it rolled on the floor. It was the shade I'm most excited about (Russian Red) so I'm actually worried that some may have "bad" batches. It was sealed shut so I may have to blame that on the weather in the country.

All in all I love it and I'm planning to try all the shades available.

Updated collection:

Russian red, red pepper, fantastic red, red wine, VIP pink, ice pink, summer pink, caramel sugar and velvet nude.


  1. Awesome lippies. Where did you buy them?

    1. our neighbor is a Sophie Paris dealer. These lipsticks are worth giving a try at PHP 85! I did see a Sophie Paris dealer on facebook and i think some people are orderig from her. she seems legit naman :)

  2. Have you tried the Sophie Koshize Satinlips? By all means, they don't have a satin finish. They're matte and very pigmented. I love them! If you like matte opaque lips, try them out too. I only have 4 and haven't encountered a dud like the 'russian red' dupe experience you had.

    1. NOT YET! But since you said that they're good, I'm going to try them and I also love matte lipsticks. What shades do you suggest? I don't know what happened with my Sophie lipstick. I hope it doesn't happen again. And you should try Russian Red. It has a blue undertone. Very pretty :)

  3. Nice swatches! I think I’m going to like Red Pepper and Fantastic Red.
    ~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines